Parbold windmill, Wigan, Lancashire, UK


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Jun 13, 2003
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Wigan, Lancashire
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$8854390342_39d9ebe25f_z.jpgNot been on here for a little while so I thought I'd better post something :D
DARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer: :hug::

I can't believe it. What the hell, mister....where have you been? Oh, and LaFoto is gone for weeks on holiday; she is going to be sad to have missed you - you will have to hang around and stay with us, then, so you can say Hello to her. :mrgreen:

Are you still doing your beautiful watercolors?
Very nice.
Not done a watercolour since 2007. Glad I came back. How the site has changed. Think I was member 250. That's jumped up a bit. :hail:

Just a tad... :lol: You were one of the few that was already here when I joined, many moons ago!

About the do know Chase has sold the joint, right?
you do know Chase has sold the joint, right?
No I didn't.... gutted!!!

Understood.... ;)

Still, a surprising amount of old timers you know hang around here and pop in and out. The place kind of runs itself on many levels, as always. :)

btw, I love this image. :thumbup: I was so happy to see you I neglected to comment - how rude!!
Welcome back and very nice, this has my wheels turning and that makes it extra nice! Thanks for sharing :)

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