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Jan 18, 2010
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Taken in Reading Terminal Market this Saturday

rtm-pastry 021316.jpg
Great street shot. I like the composition and the story it tells.
This may indeed be a pastry chef but the action is all of the screen and I don't see any story.
Your not being observant.

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I would say based on the noses, that the fathers picture is "watching over" his daughter.
Like it, very nice! but wish you wouldve moved more to the left now she and the lettering and that poster are pushed to the side and almost out of the shot.
Thanks, everyone!
Sorry, I don't understand the 'likes'
The main issue is the woman and the work she is doing which is hinted at and but forced to the edge.
Getting something in focus and reasonably exposed is a good starting point but the image should be composed so that the action isn't pushed off the edge of the frame.

^ Well I like the photo because to me the womans father has passed away and she is continuing the family business by working in the market.

The black and white photo of her father looking over her shoulder, helping her, guiding her in her work and in life.

To me she is thinking about life, she feels like she has to continue the family tradition, yet she doesn't particularly like icing cupcakes.
Other than maybe cropping some off the left, I think this shows everything it needs to be a good shot. Nicely done.

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