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Patriotic.. what do you think?


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Dec 10, 2007
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Los Angeles
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I can't decide if I like this. I think I might've envisioned something different in my head when I saw the scene...

Its not a bad idea but I feel that there are too many spots of light shining and that makes the picture very busy which takes away from the potential focal point of the picture, which I assumed to be the flag. You might do better focusing more on the garage door itself and eliminating the empty space.
i think focusing on just the door and the greenish light above would have been perfect, although i do kinda like the extra depth the porch on the left side adds.
Due to the nature of the lighting, the flag blends in with it's background and becomes one of the last things the eye goes to.
How about this square crop?.. maybe i should just forget this one..

I like your idea of trying to capture maybe what i would call "everyday American patriotism" but the flag really gets buried with all the other light and the fact that its faded, maybe you should try a reshoot focusing on getting just the garage door and the flag?
Is there anyway to brighten the flag, perhaps with photoshop or something?

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