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May 23, 2006
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If you were doing a shoot for an Art& Design magazine and were also responsible for post production (not pre production) what kind of fee would you expect for a day (size of final image 1/3 of double page spread). The magazine is new and only prints around 10,000 copies. The magazine only wants one off use of the photograph?

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No idea what your picture is worth to them, but for pre-press tasks (and admin faff) £20/hour is a MOR rate.
£5-£200 depending on their budget. Get yourself in print as a priority - money is secondary!! :) It's worth more to you as a photographer to have the tear sheets.

Exactly so.
The fee for doing anything is only what they are prepared to pay you.
You have to make the decision whether to do it for that amount of money or not.
Being asked to quote for a job is a different matter - but most magazines have their own fee rate.
For example, English Vogue was one of the poorest payers in the 80's. £25 per picture. Their argument was 'you're being published in Vogue and you want paying as well?'.

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