Silver nikkor 135mm f/3.5

hmmm it depends. from my 'readings' it's a fair lens. sharp if stopped down a stop or two, and pretty good but tends to flare and has mediocre contrast. IMO I wouldnt spend the money, as there are many other much better things to offer out there. it seems to go for very cheap, so IMO $100 would be too much. i'm sure others have more experienced opinions...

if you plan on using it, you may want to instead check out the 105mm f/2.5. It's extremely good, but is a tad bit pricier (still very low at less than $200).
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I think that you could find one that is a tad faster, also I feel that you could find an "A" or "AI" for the same money or slightly higher. Looking at the description of the lens the seller gives, I would back off just for the oil factor. The dent would not be a plus either.

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