Photography lessons in exchange for english speak


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Feb 5, 2016
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Hi everyone!
I'm Alex and I'm a photography instructor. My lessons will be interesting both for beginners and professionals.
Also I can share my experience with Photoshop and Capture one with you.
And what I would like to get is - english speaking practice with a native speaker. You do not need to teach me, just correct my mistakes.
I hope that will be great experience for both parties.
That's not a commercial offer. I just want to make some english speaking freinds and share my knowledges. Pls feel free to contact me.My skype is Zerkalny.
Hi, AlexPhoto16. The prospect of helping someone with English sounds interesting, and I am considering it, however I don't have an abundance of free time in which to participate.

This is your second thread with the same topic, so one of them will be shut down. You need post only once.
sorry, i don't know which part of the forum better for my topic

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