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Sep 3, 2006
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Here are some photos taken with my phone camera. Not new to photography will be purchasing the canon t1i and 50mm to start, 100mm macro from there, 24-75mm, and a flash. My mentor is a wedding and portrait photographer but I find I like to shoot everything which will mean a ton of lenses and more invested in this, it won't just be a hobby.

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Keep in mind I'm only using an htc one v but any critique is welcome the real test will be when I get my new camera.
I think it would be easier to comment if there were only a few images and they were numbered and bumping 5 times in 20 minutes seems a bit excessive...

There is only so much you can control with a P&S camera - some are better than others, so suggestions may or may not make sense.

Some images are better than others, but they remind me of the photos I've taken each time I get a new camera where I've run out to see how it works. I think the photo with the flower and the bee, could be improved with a smaller DOF and a different crop. Either in much closer or in landscape depending on the surroundings (looks like it would have worked based on the cut off flowers, but I wasn't there).

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