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Jan 8, 2008
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I am honing my Photoshop skills and I have been trying to figure out how to perfect the way I retouch skin. It is tough man. I have been using the clone tool in combination with the band aid. Is this the most effective way? If not please enlighten me.
There are many, many ways to retouch skin. Just do a Google search for 'Photoshop+skin' and see how many hits you get.

The trick to really good skin editing, is to make it look smooth but without taking away the texture (which makes it look like plastic).

The healing brush (band-aid) is probably a good place to start. I also like to add a gaussian blur layer, with a layer mask, and paint the blur lightly onto the skin, only in the areas where I want. Even that is a pretty basic method.

HERE is an example of a more in-depth technique.

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