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Picture composition question


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Oct 19, 2018
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I included a cell phone pic. I usually take one to get an idea of what my film picture will look like and adjust if necessary before shooting a film pic.

I just include it so you understand the topography of Driftwood Beach. Sand, rock, petrified wood, and ocean. I am headed back there this weekend to do some black and white photos with my Bronica.

My question is, I am only going to have my wife and son account for about 1/15 of the composition of a photo I plan to do a large enlargement. I want the main point of interest to be the huge driftwood on the beach. I was thinking of having them looking for something in the sand so it is not a direct look into the camera. At first I was going to have them in the bottom right of the picture, again a small piece of it.

I started to think the corners often do not develop as sharp as the rest of the picture.

Where would you frame them in the shot if you want to include them, but the main focus is the scenery?


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Been thinking about the shoreline since you posted. Taking the picture from inland looking toward the waterline would make the driftwood the predominate aspect of the photo and then they are sitting by the waterline would be good.


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