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Jan 30, 2012
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HI, Im new here, thans in advance for your help. I have about 4500 photos stored and sorted on Nikon's "PictureProject" sofrware--it came with my camera. Why, suddenly, are all the images replaced with a gray "Jpeg" ikon? there is an exception which I hope will be telling. The few photos Ive collected, taken by my daughter on HER camera, are all visible as before. Strange? thank yu for helping me. sincerely, Chrisman
Sorry my post was so boring that NOone 'liked' it. whats there to like? Im hoping someone this has happened to, or someone who knows the remedy will chime in. feel free. thanks. Sincerely, Chrisman
Windows or Mac?

If I understand the issue, it's that the icons that display as a preview of the photo (thumbnails) have been replaced by a generic jpeg icon.
This is only true for some of the photos.

Are all the photos the same file type?

Usually can happen as a result of the software that was originally associated with opening files of a certain extention being removed.
When you click on the icon, does the photo open as expected?

Are all the files in the same folder? If not, there may be settings for some of the folders that make photo display as icons rather than thumbnails.

Can't really help more given the provided info.
Did you move the original files?

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