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Oct 26, 2005
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Western N.Y.
In my area, there are a couple of churches with beautiful stained glass windows. I would like to get inside and perhaps take some pictures ( no flash ). I don't know about the political correctness of doing something like that. Have any of you guys done this ? Aside from asking the pastor or whatever for permission to do so, is there anything that you just don't do ? I am not the most religous person around, but do have a high degree of respect for people and their beliefs. Thank you for your time.
I think your only hurdle would be the permission to shoot.
If you were plannning to commercialize your work, you would probably need to get 'Property Releases' from them.
Hi there, I did something similar a while back. The best thing to do is go when it's quiet; when there is not a service or anything special happening so you're not disturbing people. Apart from that, as long as you ask for permission everything should be ok. I went on a quiet day, asked for permission and got not only that but also lots of information on the history of the building and the symbolism of the windows, as well as being asked if I'd like the lights turned up brighter. People are often very helpful if they can see you're interested.

I can't really think of anything you shouldn't do, except for obviously silly things like climbing on stuff or resting your tripod on bibles etc - but there's nothing you'd normally do when taking photos that should offend anyone.
On the recent London TPF meetup, we all wandered into Westminster Cathedral and took loads of shots - I was going to take shot of the sign that said no photography allowed with Rob lining up a shot down the aisle in the background, but thought that might be pushing it a bit. :D

I've never had a problem photographing in a church before - mind you thats in the UK
Call someone over to you that works there, tell them their church is beautiful, make a donation, then ask. I've never had a "no" after that.

Thank you! I was planning on not using anything motordriven to keep it quiet. I also thought with brighter days, shooting into the bright windows, that I would not need a tripod either. Thank's Rob, that's a good idea about the donation.

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