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Playing with lighting - portrait for CC


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Sep 5, 2010
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Today I finally tested together some totally unprofessional lighting tools I have (two flashes, umbrella, reflector, two recently bought stands). Main aim was playing with hair light.
This is the result I like more.
Things I like less:
  • background is slightly uneven - it was just an open door on a dark room, but at the end of the room a window perhaps reflected part of light.
  • hair light too strong. I used an old Miranda flash driven by an optical trigger, no control on power. I attenuated it with paper towel, but I could have used more.
I did not redo because my wife' patience is limited :) .

Pretty decent overall in B&W. Her shoulders are a bit square to the camera, and I wish her chin had been lifted a bit higher. Lighting is "not bad".
It looks like you got what you were practicing for. Nice job. The piece of hair in her right eye kinda bothers me though.
Thank you both. We always start with her posing, but results too "rigid". When we play and laugh a bit, she moves, and I like results more, but there is always some imperfection - square shoulder, hair... although her hair are more or less this way, except just after a visit to the hairdresser :)

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