Point & Shoots for the Holidays


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Jun 7, 2007
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There are LOADS of point and shoots out there that will be given as gifts for the holidays this year. (Not to mention "which camera should I buy?" threads) Tons of them are now in the very affordable price range (<$200). Ultra-Compact style cameras are the current trend as well. All the major players have cameras and for what most people do, the features are just one of those things that are lucky if they get used. The average consumer probably just keeps it on AUTO mode for the most time. With that said, I feel as a community, we should try to develop a list of "recommended" cameras based on price, reliability, ease of use, and picture quality.

So I figure this thread will be geared towards the loved ones, the grandparents, the parents, the siblings, and the friends, who are in need a digital camera but aren't as 'enthusiastic' about it as we are.

My grandmother doesn't need the latest DSLR. She would however, like a nice camera, that is easy to use, and "works" like her old film camera. Perhaps if she is trendy and stylish and wants one of those nice sleek thin cameras. Or perhaps something a little larger for her arthritic hands.

In an attempt to keep things as simple as possible, lets try to list the cameras we recommend all in a similar format. I feel that any point & shoot over 5mp is plenty, but I opted to list the MP rating because consumers believe that is important.


Camera Model - Megapixels - Price
Format (Ultra compact, compact, standard, and SLR-Like)
Any comments.
Link (if available)

HP Photosmart M547 - 6.2MP - $99
Small inexpensive camera from Hewlett-Packard. I'd buy it for a 13 year old teenager as a first camera.

Please, feel free to make your own recommendations! This is how this thread will thrive.

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