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Jul 9, 2003
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I have a Minolta 404si and recently bought a linear polarizer. I then discovered that since my camera is AF Program, I would probably need a circular polarizer instead. I understand that using a linear one would result in underexposure. Can I continue to use the linear one and overexpose the shot? If so, does anyone know how many f-stops to overexpose? (trying to save money.)

On another note, if I need to buy a cicular polarizer, is there any difference between brands. There seems to some range available

thanks in advance
Yes, you need circular with AF lenses. I have used Tiffen for years with the results I needed. They are good as cost/performance ratio is concerned, but there are maybe a little better as Hoya, B+W. Just get a multi-coated rather than plain. The prices go up as the filter gets larger.
I don't think linear polarizers cause the film to be underexposed, they make it hard for the AF to focus.

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