Polaroid Cube - repair?

ensign elliott

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Jan 6, 2016
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Hi all

Apologies if this is the wrong place for this.

I have a Polaroid Cube camera which has unfortunately had its lens damaged. I need to either get a new lens and replace it myself or get it repaired by someone more professional.

I've contacted several camera repair companies who can't help me and I've not been able to get a reply from Polaroid UK direct. It seems to be a bit of an obscure camera though its on sale at plenty of places so I'd have thought someone does spares and repairs...

Does anyone know of a company/supplier who might be able to help? I'm really desperate to get it fixed and I'd rather not have to buy completely new camera.

Many thanks, and apologies again if this is the wrong area...

Even if you could find a place to repair, I would assume the cost of the lens and labor to replace would cost more than a new one for $99.
I doubt that the maker ever intended it to be repaired, and likely couldn't/wouldn't. Agree with jc - bin it and buy a new one.
You may also want to see if you can find any place to fix a Ion sport camera.
Polaroid and Ion are just branded cameras with the manufacturer making for both brands. Ion this year has better marketing and Polaroid (which had the same cameras as Ion) has gone a different marketing direction. But they're probably the same guts inside.

But as mentioned, once you add labor to pay someone to open up and replace parts you would be very close to just a new replacement. And once you open it you never know what else needs to be replaced.

I have a Polaroid XS100, which has an exact Ion version though older. I think of it as more of a throw away sport camera if it were to get damaged.
Ok, many thanks chaps.

Looks like it will be a new one then :(

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