Portrait for me - a few seconds underwater !!


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Feb 2, 2012
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Saudi Arabia - Yanbu
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Hello Everyone !!

I Present to you the first work in editing. after I got green screen .. I used Photoshop
CS3. There is a simple error I used more topaz so my face look like old man :greenpbl: also the sad thing is I lost the PSD file :(


Info. Image

Camera Model : Canon EOS 600D
Lens : Canon EF 50mm
F-Number : F/4
Shutter Speed : 1/790 sec.

I want the criticism & opinions

Ateyah Jay - Marshall

It's a cool concept. It just looks too much like a composite when I look at it.

If you had your shirt wet even up to your shoulders, and possibly spritzed your face with water as well, it would have added a lot to the photograph.

Interested to see more work from you, keep shooting.
It is the beginning of a world that has no end:)
Thank you very much tyler = )

I have no clue how to do it so yeah, very creative. I like Tyler's ideas, get that shirt wet, water drops coming off your hair/face and it's a winner! REeminds me of some album cover.
A nice stuff.. Did you design it to have an appearance of a cartoon? ..
You forget the eyelashes you need some color correction there.. It appears to be dry and didn't match the eyebrows.. :)

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