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Aug 30, 2008
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Just trying a few different shots then I am use to. Let me know what you think! Thank you.


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I think your exposure needs some work. You've done a good job of ensuring that the faces are reasonably exposed despite the bright, overcast sky, but at the expense of the whites in the image. Using a fill light to balance against ambient would have really helped these images. Some animation in her expression would help too.
Thank you Tirediron I will take that into consideration.
#4 is the best (IMHO) as her expression fits the pose. The others have potential pose and composition wise (last one needs to be leveled - the slight tilt looks accidental) but to echo Tirediron, the exposure is off. Model's poses are fine but I agree that she needs more facial expression. She's a VERY pretty young lady and I love her outfit choice, if you can get her to relax and show some appropriate expression you'll have a model who will knock peoples socks off. :D

.... And welcome to the forum! :thumbup:
I like #s 3 & 4.
Ill try another edit with the same photos. I will try new ones another day with other expressions. Thank you guys for your honesty!
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