Problem with Fujifilm s9600

Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by ryesher, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Please help I have had it up to here with this damn camera. Over the course of a month this camera has been playing up.

    The problem occurs when taking photos, it for no reason suddenly decides to display write or read error. This can happen all the time or not at all and consequently the photos are not saved. Sometimes it happens instantly and othertimes the screen will hang and it takes ages for it to display the error.

    It has been recently sent back to Fujifilm, who can find no fault with it. So now I think it is the memory card, I got a Silicon Power 1 GB Flashcard with it.

    This was then replaced yesterday with a new one (the shop assistant wouldn't give me another make) which has now done the same thing.

    So is it the camera or the card? BTW I am new to these forums.

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    If it's done it again with a new card then it's likely to be the camera itself. Many camera places are full of idiots and the only time I have ever had to send something back I had to send it twice. All I can suggest is try that again along with a note taped to it that it wasn't fixed last time.

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