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Jan 4, 2016
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Hi, all,

I have problems transferring photos from Nikon Coolpix S9600 to Picture Project.
Have always transferred Coolpix S7c with the same settings and the first transfer from S9600 was faultless. Since then, images won't transfer - can anyone help?
Hi annnguyen909, I've moved your thread to a forum where it should get more views and, hopefully, some answers to your question. (Not everyone looks at the Welcome/Introduction forum.)

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If first transfer worked then the program is not showing photos to import, I would first check to see if the new photos you want to import have the same file name as those already imported. Some cameras can be set to always reset the file name sequence and some programs can be set to ignore suspected duplicate photos. I would copy the photos from the camera to a location on the hard disc, compare file names with those already imported and then import into Picture Project.

I think Picture Project was discontinued so at least move over to View NX i or NX 2.

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