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May 2, 2013
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Richland Washington
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Hello All!
I haven't posted anything in a while, I've recently moved and started a new job.
The company I'm working for has put me in charge of product photo's and I'm honestly a little clueless as how to go about it.

I've included a sample image - Of course I know we can't make them look exactly alike. But that's what I'm shooting for.
I also know that these images are very post processed, and I have no problem photoshopping in the Operating System / Screen area with a screen shot from the appropriate operating system.

I'll be using a Canon 5D MIII, I'm quite unsure which lens I should use, as far as lighting I have a small 3x3 photobox that should be sufficient. And I've purchased small transparent stands to perch up the items.

If I could get some lens recommendations, as well as any tips from people who have done similar that would be great.

-Nick :D

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