Production manager in training-need help!!!


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Jul 2, 2013
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I am currently trying to learn the business in photography and I have learned that I shoot way less now that I have a mentor. But he wants to advance me and make me his production manager. I have no idea how to even think about trying this area of work!

Any advice for me? How I should practice/study this?
P.S. my mentor is very impatient and expects me to learn a lot on my own so I'm kinda in a small bind...
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Hi Destinee25 - I've moved your thread from Articles of Interest over to the Beginner's forum, where you are likely to get more views and perhaps some advice.

As a caution, this is the third thread you have opened asking for help on this topic. I've moved the other one here, as well, but I'm going to delete the third one, since you're basically asking the same questions.

Be patient and give folks a chance to offer up some opinions. :) I will say that if your mentor expects you to learn photography AND turn you into a production manager in a short period of time, he is putting more on you than is realistic. That might mean he isn't much of a mentor.

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