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Mar 26, 2007
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I've been trying to help a friend solve the mystery of why their camera settings of Adobe RGB changes to sRGB when they upload to their computer. In the process, out of curiosity I thought I'd try using a few of the auto settings on my canon rebel. We both have the same camera. When I switched to auto, then uploaded the images they had switched to sRGB, oppisite of my camera settings. Any thoughts on why this would happen? I took 4-5 shots set to tv & a-dep and then switched over to the auto landscape & macro. The tv & a-dep shots show as adobe rgb when uploaded, which is what my camera is set to. But the auto images shot, read as sRGB??? Please any thoughts on this.

Maybe that's one more reason not to shoot in auto mode ;)
Thanks Mike. I guess that's what I'll tell her. I never shoot in the auto modes, so it really had me curious.
I believe the custom color configuations, ect. only effect the "creativity modes" section... i.e. tv, av, M, ect. All the presets use the standard settings

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