Question About "Identical" Filters ... But Different Brands/Glass/Etc.

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by astrostu, Jul 3, 2008.

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    This may have a simple answer or it may have no answer ... I'm looking into getting a 77mm cross-screen filter for my new lens, and I was looking on B&H, but there are 6 different ones. 4 of them are in stock:

    "B+W 77mm 4x Cross Screen 684 Star Effect Glass Filter" for $59.95

    "Hoya 77 mm Star 4 Pro 1 Digital Multi-Coated Glass Filter" for $91.50

    "Hoya 77mm 4x Cross Screen Star Effect Glass Filter" for $44.95

    "Tiffen 77mm 4 Point/2mm Grid Star Effect Glass Filter" for $79.36

    So 3 different brands but that range in price from $45 to $92 ... over a factor of 2x in price. Now, I read the shpeal about why Hoya charges 2x as much for one vs. the other, but I honestly don't know how much of it is just marketing b.s. And why is there such a spread between the three brands? I'm just confused. :confused:

    And though this is just one kind of filter, the question really applies to pretty much all other filters. What are major differences, and why go with one over the other?

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    Filters like any other optical element increase in price as they do in quality; most often because of the quality and types of coatings on them. I would guess that the bottom end of that price list you show are either un-coated or minimally coated glass which will do little to reduce flare and chromatic abberation. Part of it is most definitely marketing hype, and I would say that your best bet is to do some on-line research for reviews, and talk to your local camera store. Personally, I've never had anything bad to say about B+W filters.
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    All of it is marketing BS. The Pro1D series has nothing that their SHMC filters have and they perform identically.

    Ok so some of it isn't. The Pro1D series actually is about half a mm thinner, but this is it. The coating is slightly different, and still ghosts (IMO worse than the SHMC does), and everything else makes no sense at all from a technical point of view, OR is actually a feature of every other Hoya filter anyway (like the black matte frame. They are all black matte on the inside).

    The cheap Hoya is a cheaper chinese one. I'd stay clear of this. And the B+W and Tiffen probably perform like a Hoya SHMC would and the B+W would come with the we are made in Germany price. Not sure where Tiffens are made.

    My comparison of Hoya UV filters of various grades:

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