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    i have canon xti/400d and i have a question what lens would u recommend for doing weddings,portraits,church stuff,and scenery im planning to get canon 70-200 f2.8 would that work for everything i need?

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    The good: 70-200 2.8 lens is a nice toy. I had a pleasure of playing with it few months back.
    The bad: getting into photography and more importantly wedding/portraiture AND charging for it, which it seems from your port that is where you're going, involves MORE then a 2.8 lens. Thus, w/o more of your background, and just based on your Q, you aren't ready for weddings.
    Do search of the forum, especially last week of 2009 poped up a LOT of people on wedding photography, lenses, flash units, etc.

    If you want to do it right. Step one is learn lighting. Once you get a hang on that, you'll know and appreciate gear much more and your decision will be as easy as depressing the shutter release.

    good luck

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