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Feb 1, 2004
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Hi folks, guess who is in New York right now and had a SNOW STORM on top of the Empire State Building? Hm? Can guess that? ;) Oh yeah, and visibility was about 2 feet. Well... so far so ... un-funny ;). OK, Internet time in this cafe is running out fast so I better send my hallo to you fast. See you all again soon, after the meet-up... expect lots of piccies :D.
Hi Corrinna! ( I can never remember if it's on 'r' or two, or one 'n' or two in your name!)

I bet you are still having a lot of fun in NYC even with the snow though, right? Can't wait to meet you Friday!
Corinna!! :hugs: I've been wondering where you were by this time.

New York is beautiful in the snow (maybe not from on top of the Empire State Building though!), I hope you get over to Central Park to enjoy it.

We will see you on Friday! :)
good luck corinna, get some pics of new york for us too! :wink:
Hope you didn't take too much flak from your hubby re lining up to go up the tower,then having zero visibility!

You've been missed on the forum. Looking forward to the post meet-up pics and remember, the more incriminating, the better.
ahhh I'd like to be there :) someday I'll go! have fun on the meetup!

EDIT: and don't forget about navigation....
What's snow??? I've heard about it from time to time.....

Have fun chikky babe!! Enjoy the city and stay away from the computers... for just a few days..!!
if you drive down the new jersey turnpike friday we'll pass each other. i'll wave at each car in case you do ;)

enjoy NYC!
Corinna, is there a number where I could reach you? And where are you housed at?? PM me.
Hey Corinna! great to hear from you...
cant wait for the piccies :D we are missing you here on TPF :D
take care! enjoy yourself
Have an awesome time Corinna. Wish I could have made the trip.

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