R5 IBIS issues

Wally Fiedler

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Oct 4, 2020
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Hi, have just purchased an R5 which I am having ibis issues with in that as soon as I connect a lens the ibis menu disappears from the menu settings on the R5. Have two RF Lenses and it does the same with both, only need to disengage slightly from the lens lock for the menu to disappear. Anyone else with ibis issue like this or have a fix, any info would be appreciated .
I have an R6 but only EF lenses. I have had no issues. The menu option to turn IBIS on/off is always available. Is it RF only? Are you certain this is not the normal behavior? Is it tied to the AF switch on the lens? Have you updated the firmware?
AF switch’s are on, on both lenses, firmware was updated, strange if it is normal, as I see no reason for the ibis to disappear when the lens is on, means you would have to take lens of to change ibis setting. It worked for a few days then stopped.
I posted in your hello
But I can see from your posts here this is way way beyond my knowledge
Thanks for your reply, tried everything I know, will have to hope for a Canon reply
As you know, there are a lot of setting independencies. I've run into what I thought was intermittent only to find later it was related to some other setting I had changed that was not obvious. The printed manual that comes with it is the condensed version. On the R6 that's 200 pages. To figure certain things out I had to go to the full manual online. That is 850 pages long.
Thank you for your response. I’ve had the full manual from before I received my R5. Have tried all combos with no luck.

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