Rain! Yikes!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by mrodgers, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Have a little story. My wife started working evenings a few months ago. So, I am quite busy now in the evenings with the kids (and the dog too.) Things can easily slip the mind.

    Last Sunday my two daughters and I took the dog out to play. I left the camera in the house. Of course, one of my "unicorns" happened to fly over, which is a hawk. My unicorns are hawks and LifeFlight helicopter because they both fly over the house all the time. Anyways, right over our heads flying real low is a large hawk. Camera is in the kitchen and by the time I could grab it, the hawk was gone.

    Move on to Monday evening. We take the dog out to play again. This time I am ready and have the camera with me. I get some shots of the girls and the dog playing and set it down on top of the garbage can by the house. No big deal, I do it all the time. When we headed back in the house, I thought, "camera" and needed to go back out to get it. Kids are saying they're thirsty, dog is out of water, I'm running around getting everyone drinks. Camera sits outside.

    Kids head back to the back room to watch TV for a bit. I've got hockey all over the mind since Pittsburgh is again playing Detroit for the second year in a row (horrible game tonight :() Kids are quiet watching TV so I jump all over the other TV catching up on all the post game interviews and next day interview stuff. Camera sits outside.

    Tuesday morning rolls around. I get up a 5am as usual, get ready for work as usual, get the dog to let her out as usual, open up the back door as usual, see it is pouring down rain...... and there my camera sits!

    Looked like it rained all night. I brought it in, took out the batteries and the card. Water is dripping from it like crazy. I hang it up by the strap leaving everything open on it. I got home from work and it's still very wet inside all the knooks and crannies (popup flash, battery compartment, card compartment). I didn't get around to it again until Thursday. It's dry, I put batteries back in, card back in, turn it on and......

    .....I snapped quite a few shots with it. Everything was in perfect working order. Whew!

    Now, I only have a little cheapo superzoom, but that $200 for a superzoom to me would be like a $3000 job to most of you. I was panicking when I saw it outside.

    That's my story for the week.

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    Phew indeed! I'm glad the camera survived. Good call on letting it dry though. I've had friends fry electronics by turning them on right after they get soaked instead of waiting. :-/

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