real world difference between 135mm and 180mm?


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Feb 5, 2012
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I'm shooting on dx mainly with some 35mm, I shoot with a 135mm prime I'm happy with now, but would like some more range. I was just wondering what the actual difference in fov a 180mm would be? Basically do you think it'd be worth it?
A 180 is definitely longer than a 135mm is. But 180 is shorter than a 200mm lens is.

This Nikon web page shows 135mm vs 200 in the bottom row of comparison photos. Nikon | Imaging Products | Digital SLR Camera Basics | Focal Length and Angle of view

The 180mm AF and AF-D Nikkors (I've owned both simultaneously and compared them side-by-side) are virtually identical in all respects optically and physically, and the older AF model is usually less expensive. The 180 AF models are relatively lightweight. Biggest drawback is the rather clunky autofocusing performance; the 180 is not a lens for "action" AF performance. For $300-$375, the lens is worth that price.
after looking at some of those fov simulator sites, I think the 180 is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks guys

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