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Jul 14, 2005
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A couple of recent shots of Davin and Sicily. 7 months old...Davin that is ;)

Used a gold reflector in this one, but the light still wasn't real even on his face. I have a lot of respect for those of you that shoot kids, because they move so much!


I think you did good with these.... i was trying out a few portraits with reflectors today... it is difficult to manage, so i can only imagine the difficulties with children aswell. Both shots seem well balenced, the eyes are well focused, tiny hot area on Sicily's shoulder but you cant have everything, the rest is well exposed. Good job :thumbup:
Nice shots! I think the reflector worked well for you! It's not easy, but when you capture a child's essence it's worth it :thumbsup:
Alison said:
Nice shots! I think the reflector worked well for you! It's not easy, but when you capture a child's essence it's worth it :thumbsup:

Yeah, what she said! :mrgreen:
Nice ones, Woodsac. Man, Sicily is gorgeous, and Davin's too cute for words. That second shot, where they're both looking at the camera and smiling, is sooooo good.
Gorgeous pics... As a total amateur, can i ask what camera you have, lens, apeture you used.... especially in the last one. Its my fave... what a cutie... have just had a little shoot with my nearly 2 year old, so i am totally hearing you!! Little rascals!!! xx would love you to check out my first portraits on new camera!
Thanks Anti and April!!! :D

Jemmy thanks to you too.
Here's the data for these shots:
Canon 350D
28-135mm IS If I remember, these were all shot between 70 and 135mm. That's a rough guess? They were all shot pretty wide open to help eliminate the bg clutter.

I took a look at your shots. First thing, as members we're pretty lazy around here. Most of us aren't willing to click on links. If you click on the little yellow icon with the mountains and sun? on it, you can paste your photobucket url in there. That will let the image display properly. There is a test forum at the bottom of the main forum page to practice in.
I'm not a portrait all! I do mainly outside stuff. But the first thing I noticed, is that I think you're trying to get too close to your subjects. The lighting and their expressions are good, but I think they need a little more room, or maybe zoom out a tad?
I think you're off to a good start.
Woods! These are awesome!

Davin is growing and changing so much! Sicily looks killer ... great hairstyle for her, btw ... tell her GOOD GOING!

They are all wonderful, but the third is my favorite.

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