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Sep 18, 2012
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Didn't see a post on this, apologies if this is a much-discussed topic. I've got an old Canon SD1200, and it has served me well but looking at some recent images from it, I feel like I need to upgrade. One thing you can do is try to talk me out of the need to upgrade - I'm comparing the images against my D7000, and I know they'll never be as good but feel like the spread between them is too large. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you, and there are quite a few occasions where I'd like a camera but am not going to lug my DSLR, and I still think cell phone cameras have a ways to go.

All I really want out of a P&S is:

Better ISO performance - My Canon will go to 1600, but even 800 isn't really useable.
Good burst and HD video capabilities. I see some can do 8 fps and 1080p video, that would be fine.
Manual shutter and aperture control, and if possible, focal point selection - this is the biggie. I know higher end P&S have the first option, do any have the second?

Finally I'd really like to spend under $300. I don't want a MILC or superzoom - this has to fit in pocket. Looks like a Canon S100 would fit the bill but I've got zero brand loyalty here. Thoughts? TIA.
Well I know you said 300$ max but I will still recommend my second body camera (second to my D7000) and thats the Canon G15.
This is the camera you want, let me tell you few of the goodies this camera has.

1.ISO 3200 is still very usable
2.Lens is 1.8-2.8 so you are looking at a very fast lens which in most cases keeps the ISO lower then needed with other P&S
3.Has all the dials DSLR has and it actually has 2 dials, one for shutter speed and one for Apature (you dont get that on any entry level DSLR).
4.You can shoot at RAW files or JPEG
5.I use it only in manual but its very user friendsly, my wife uses it only on Auto and I only manual. Of course you have apature mode, shutter mode and few more.

It cost about 400$ I really think its worth the extra cash.
Right up until the last sentance I was going to say Nikon AW110.. perfect pocket size, 28-140mm zoom + 5X, water/dust/freeze proof, Built in GPS, 16MP, 6,400 ISO, f2.0, 1/2000 shutter.. no direct control of shutter but you do have control of ISO and compensation, which leads to the same thing. I love mine. If you don't mind missing WiFi, and a little faster shooting you can get the AW100 for well inside your budget.
Goodguy -

Enough about the G15! I've been toying with getting a P&S for 'banging around' when I don't want to take my 5D3 and heavy glass. You're doing a good job of selling me on the idea! As my digital journey started with a G-3 then G-5, I've been leaning towards the G-series as a 2nd camera ever since I moved to a DSLR!
Hi exemplaria - It's $67 over your budget, but I recommend the Panasonic LX7 ($367 at BigValue via eBay). full manual control, standard hot shoe, 11fps at full resolution, manual focus zone selection, 1080/60p video (and 720/120p slow motion), camera shoots quality JPEGs up to ISO800 - and it is only a little larger than the S100

Here is John Griggs chasing his granddaughter around at high ISO with the LX7:

Here is what this camera can do: Flickr: The Panasonic Lumix LX7 Pool

Hope this is helpful,

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