red spots on night pictures


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Sep 23, 2010
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Windsor, CT
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Hey everyone, this is my first time using this site so i apologize if this shows up in the wrong section.

My friend and i have begun experimenting with nightime long exposures. i have my olympus evolt e500 set to M mode, 30 second exposure, F5.6, ISO 200, (lowest being 100) and no matter what i do, i get thousands of bright red specs all over the pictures. it looks as if it is "raining" red. they are always on the same spot, and its obvious they are on the camera itself. i tried cleaning the lens with professional cleaning equipment, no help.

ive heard rumors of "hot pixels"? maybe a bad sensor? i'd upload a picture but i'm on a company computer at work.

any suggestions?

My guess would be "hot pixels", too. I get the occasional one (against black skies), but if it's practically "raining hot pixels" something's seriously wrong, I should say. We would need to see a photo as example, and then the more technically versed members can probably tell you more.
My guess would be that your particular sensor isn't well suited for longer exposures. If you seriously want to get in to long exposure/start-trails/etc, especially in minutes or long exposures, film is the way to go.

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