Rocky Mountain trail pano


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Mar 1, 2018
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This is a iPhone pano. Thus, put in just for fun. This is near Old Forge, NY. In the Adirondacks. The 4 of us snowshoed up. It’s short, but fairly steep. Temps overnight were in the negatives, but probably 15-20 by the time we hiked. No wind and sunny skies made for perfect temperatures.

Looks pretty good to me. Some fones do take decent pics.
Pretty image.
I like the ring round the sun think it’s called a hog bow
As panos are something I like to do I think that you have got a really good image there
Thanks everyone.
For the fair-weather folks, sand isn't the only tiring thing to walk in;) Snow will wear you down just as easily, so I appreciate the effort it took to get this. Pretty scene.

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