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    Here's my favourite sailboat shot from this past summer.

    This one, on the other hand, I have qualms about. Can you give me compositional critiques/suggestions, because I think I really missed out on a nice shot here by composing the frame incorrectly.

    Many thanks.

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    Are they called "optimists" in your language, too?

    The first photo is definitely better composed than the second, there is no doubt, the only nitpick is the missing top of the first boat's mast :)cry: ). One step backwards and ... you might have fallen into the water. OK. That counts ;) ;) ;).

    Do you feel that the second only seems to be "blah"?
    Sorry *nodding here* ... yes. You are right.

    I am trying to find the words for WHY it seems so ... little interesting, but I don't find them. I lack the background. There might be other members on here who have gone to classes and have thus learned to describe photos better?

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