Satechi Battery Grip for Nikon D80 & D90 ?

Does anyone out there know anything about this?

LCD Timer Vertical Battery Grip for Nikon D80 and D90 | Satechi

Looks interesting, IF it is any good...

Those things are ALL over ebay. I can't think of any reason I would want to clutter the back of my camera with a clock/stopwatch. The stopwatch MAYBE if I did some really, really long exposures that I needed to time.

The Flashpoint grip from adorama has gotten a lot of positive comments. It's $80 which is about half of the price of an MB-D80 (assuming you are looking for a cheaper alternative) and reviews say that it fits just as good, not quite as sturdy, and shutter button is actually better than the MB-D80. I've been contemplating on whether to get the Flashpoint or save up for the MB-D80.
I could see a use for it, and the extra batteries and shutter release would be handy dandy.

I agree with NateS about Adoramas flashpoint grip.
I do not think I will get that, however, the time interval function is interesting.

I believe the Canon remote shutter release with the time interval function cost more than this grip. And I believe the same for Nikon. Even the non-oem remote shutter with time interval cost $4x to $5x.

Then again, it only worth it if you need that function.
I DID look in eBay "Completed Sales" for the keyword "Satechi" and didn't find anything.

On Atlanta CL, I saw this one, and you can also see a few "Opteka" grips from time-to-time.

Reviews are fine, if the review is copacetic, but I wonder how many reqiews I see on many online sites are bogus. (Don't mean Adorama, B&H, KEH, Newegg, sites like that that ARE reliable, but I DO see good "reviews" for stuff that I know is worthless, so I often take reviews with the proverbial grain of salt).

But when you ask for opinions here, and often get told (not here, yet) to read the reviews.
whats wrong with the one from Nikon?
if your looking for a grip and i timer id go this route (im using the d300 vershion). I have a broken leg at the moment so i have not gotten out on a soot with it yet, but my first thoughts are there good bang for you buck. the grip does feel a little plastic but at a third of the price from Nikon it worth it i think.

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