Scanned Negatives, comments needed


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Mar 25, 2006
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Sydney, Australia
hey, i got some negatives scanned the other day and seeing as its the 1st time ive done this, i was after come comments on it... 1 main question i have is, whats with those vertical lines close to the left hand side. some shots they are more noticable than others... would that be the scanner or my camera or the film? or something else??? any help would be great :D... oh also the file is in its original format, but it was automatically resized when it was uploaded. it was originally 1024 x 1544 (about 1MB), is this the quality you would expect. im pretty happy with it except for the mysterious lines :)
Can't say for sure, but the lines to me look like the negatives are scratched. Could have occured while processing or there could have been some dust or something on the pressure plate. It certainly would appear that it was in film transport, the way they travel the length of the neg.
That looks like a classic processing cock-up where they've scratched the negs feeding them. It could equally be a scanning issue. Look at the original negs to see if the lines are there... if they aren't, ask them to re-scan. If they are, ask for a replacement film and use another lab in future.


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