Self-Portrait with new lens.

Trenton Romulox

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Mar 10, 2007
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Critique is much appreciated. Thanks for looking.

I like the shot but personally I think the green eyes is too green. I think that the "implied selective color" would work better IMO. I'd cut it back to around 30%.
I like everything but the green eyes, but I guess selective coloring preference varies from person to person. I really do think it's a nice portrait though and that the coloring just cheapens it. The best parts of the photo are the crisp textures of the shirt and wall. The worst part is that claw-like hand gesture.
Yeah, I may have gone a little nuts with the eyes. I just learned how to do that today in Photoshop, so I've sort of been overusing the technique HAHA. Thanks for the comments guys. I'm still learning how to properly pose and whatnot, I have no idea what I'm doing when I'm facing the lens instead of looking through it.
There are things I like about this one however your hand/finger positioning is not very good. The position of the crack in the wall directly behind your head is less than ideal. The hint of white Tee shirt sticking up from your sweater is a touch distracting and (not trying to be offensive)but your mouth /lips might be a little too tight together. Love the wall texture and the lighting is cool, the eyes I'm on the fence with.
The eyes IMO are a no go.

In portraits, it's a good idea to keep the hand away from the face generally. Exceptions are such as "The Thinking Man". Cartoon hands are bad enough with only three fingers and an opposable thumb, but yet you only have two showing. The black "bar" coming out of your head is unattractive. The color and texture of your jumper and the background are very similar and does not provide an isolation.

The lighting is good as is the tilt of the head.

You asked.
Thanks for the critique guys. I'm still learning how to pose, and I still haven't got enough of a grasp on portraiture to notice all the things you guys are. Thanks a lot for the feedback, seriously, keep it coming. I'm learning some good things here. :]

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