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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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I just listed my electric guitar and amp on ebay so I could buy a slide scanner. I haven't played the thing in forever and my musical focus is going to be the violin anyway...

I figured I'd buy a Gretsch down the road when I'm rich ;)

I'd say $400 is a damn good deal for a guitar, amp, hard case, strap and cable...
I keep debating on selling some of my old guitar stuff...just haven't got up the nerve yet. I keep telling myself I'm going to start playing more again....riiiiiiiiiiiiight ;)
It's hard to keep up so many hobbies. I mostly took it up to play for a ska band. I liked playing surf and was learnin a bit of rockabilly... but I make more progress in one hour of practice with my violin than I would with probably 5 hours on the guitar. Mostly due to my style of learning being more on the classical side of things... I never even bothered to learn to read music with the guitar.

it has reached the reserve price.... Minolta Dual Scan III here I come...

oh and a new monitor!

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