Sharing my shallow spider picture - C&C if you wish...

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Nov 22, 2009
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Ste.Anne, Manitoba, Canada
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In an effort to humorously traumatize my girlfriend (who is deathly affraid of spiders), I shot this photo a couple of days ago. It is now my desktop background. This little bugger woke me up when he tried to crawl into my ear. Not a pleasant way to be dragged out of slumber let me tell you. Anyway, I realize that its a basic photo with nothing of true interest - just a subject. But I thought that I would share it since I like the shallow depth of field. A much talked about topic here at TPF.

- Daniel

personally, i am biased towards spider photography LOL. I like this one, however would have like to see the legs a little more in focus. I have a couple new pics of my "pet spider" i am going to be posting a little later on that turned out fairly nice :mrgreen:
...would have like to see the legs a little more in focus...

Thanks for the input. The background and the foregound being blurry was intentional. I understand what you're saying though. Much of the subject's detail is lost and therefore reduces the overall impact of the photograph.

This fella was only about 1.5" in diameter. I was attempting to get the eyes as sharp as I could and let everything else around the head get soft. The light reflecting in the one eye is a little distracting I feel. Yet at the same time, I don't dislike the reflection. To finish it off, I added some vignetting in photoshop.

- Daniel

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