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Oct 9, 2011
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I'm finally getting a bit of a handle kind of in Photoshop. I just want to know what you guys think about this picture.

Can you tell us what you did? Show the original maybe? I'm not sure what you want opinions on...
The hand to me looks like it came from no where.
Indeed I don't think this is the kind of photo that she would really enjoy looking at (unless she was Paula Dean...y'all).

On the technical side, the lighting is bad. It's overhead, and casts shadows under her eyes, cheeks. nose, hairline. It makes her really dark, and it's just not attractive. The colors are also very bland, which has to due partly with the type of light that is being cast on her, and the background, although not distracting is just....peculiar. It makes the viewer wonder why she's wolffing down a doughnut in the bathroom.
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Not an attractive picture of her.. actually the title and the picture are somewhat insulting, IMO.

Maybe if you state WHAT you did in PS... we can have something to critique. I see a underexposed snapshot with harsh lighting... with questionable WB. Is there supposed to be more?
Why would someone ruin a perfectly good donut by putting sprinkles on it? LOL
Is she eating that in a public bathroom?

SHe's in a bathroom...eating or being fed a donut...

Really?? Very unflattering pic.
Maybe, "unflattering" was the goal.
I suspect it's a wider angle which is distorting the hand. If I took a pic of my wife like this my life wouldn't be worth a cent! What's teh motivation or the shot OP?

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