Shipping Container Portrait

Discussion in 'People Photography' started by henrycooke, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Just messing around with my friend. Used one strobe (old contax TLA 30) at 1/16th bounced up off the back wall. Opinions? Advice on this type of shot would be great, i'm very new to it. A decent bit of processing has gone into this shot as well. Mostly dodging and burning

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    its a good mess around shot. I am sure you are aware of it too that the flash is very concentrated on the bottom of the wall. If it was spread out and really lit the wall it would provide great separation between him and the wall. Take a look on the left side where his jeans meet the light, notice the separation, as you move up his body to his left shoulder the jacket no longer pops off the wall.

    I like it, one other quick thing is his lean, i get the feeling of the photograph but have him shift his weight on his legs like he is that is natural but reposition his upper body so weight is not being shifted as much to the right. Its causing the image to look like its leaning. keep it up man :thumbup:

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