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Shooting-eyes open or closed?


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Oct 27, 2008
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In many peoples' portraits in mirrors, they're basically standing there with their camera blocking their shooting eye, but with their other eye open.. It just doesn't look natural..

Does anyone actually shoot with their other eye (the eye not looking through the view finder) open?
I always shoot with both eyes open.

I like to see what's going on around me.
Both eyes open for me. Since I started out doing candid wedding photography, I frequently snap a shot then I'm on the move after stopping for the shot. I need to know where other people are around me so I can get around easier.
;)I shoot with my left eye shut, but that's probably not the best idea. I agree with those above about seeing what else is around you, especially if you are doing news or in dangerous situations.

Now that you've made me think about it, I'm going to work on training myself to have both eyes open.
Nearly always both open, was already a habit from target shooting. Being aware of what's going on around you not only can help keep you safe, but can help with anticipating your next shot.
Sometimes I leave my left eye open, but mostly I close it and focus/compose with my right. Depends on situation.
I honestly couldn't tell you. I know i've shot with both eyes open, and I know i've done it with my left shut.

I do know this though, when I am shooting, I always have my mouth wide open ina funny way!
I mostly shoot with my left eye shut, just so I can concentrate better on whats in the viewfinder. However, I'm always shooting landscapes or w/e where I don't need to be too interested in my surroundings - as a wedding photographer, you bet I'd keep my left eye open so I could see where my next shot is going to be while I'm taking a shot.
I try to have my other eye open to try and keep an eye on what is happening around but, but there is a skill to getting it right and not confusing yourself ;)
But my biggest problem is that I favour my left eye as my camera eye (even though I appear to be right eye dominant) which means that when the right is open all it sees is the back of the camera (so to have both eyes working I have to use the right eye - generally I only do this when tripod shooting)
Wow, more open than I expected.. I can't concentrate on framing the shot with my left eye open.. I tried it after some mirror shots I saw on here, and it's pretty impossible for me.
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both eyes opened for me... for the same reason mentioned above.. i like to see whats going on around me... if i happen to see something more interesting, i can quickly move and catch it
I shot both ways. If i'm laying out comp and focus in a landscape or portrait type shot i'm usually close left eye.
As i shot mostly racing i tend to have both eyes open looking for action on the course. I follow the boat or motorcycle that is in a battle but always looking for the guy trying to catch up and on the edge with my other eye.
It isn't something that i took to easily, lots of practise give you better control with hand eye on either eye. I used to get off balance when i first started do both eyes open while panning race shots, but you get over it.
I usually shot both, only closing after it has AFd, to make a last second framing look, if it neccesary.
Look at my avatar. This was a candid my wife shot of me several years ago while shooting a live band. Almost always both eyes open. The only exception is when I get bright reflections or intense glare in my right eye, then I will close it. ( I am left handed and left eye dominate )
I don't leave my other eye open because my thumb is not very attractive and seeing it doesn't really do much for the shot anyways :mrgreen:

I shoot with the left eye. It was confirmed at the eye doctor last week that my left eye sees better than my right. With using an electronic viewfinder, I need all the good vision I can get so I use my left eye.

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