Should I return my Fuji S8200?


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Jul 11, 2013
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I just bought a Fuji s8200 Fujifilm S8200. I wanted to spend about $250 on a bridge SLR. I thought this was my best option after comparing it with other cameras. But after playing around with it for some time, it failed to meet my expectations. It has horrible low light abilities. The noise in the picture is unbearable. The S8200 failed to beat my little point to shoot Sony-cyber shot DSC-WX9 ($125)

Here is a pic from the s8200
here is a pic with my Sony-cyber shot

The only thing that The s8200 was good at was the 40x zoom, and the 1080p video capture. Is this what i should expect from a $250 Bridge camera? Or should I return the camera and look at something else? Thanks in advance.
If it doesn't meet your expectation then return it and get a better camera.
If at the moment you cant afford a better camera then wait a month or two get more money and then buy a better camera, the worst thing is to buy something that is not giving you what you are expecting.
So I looked into the noise problem, The camera was not at fault, but it was me, I changed the ISO to 100 and this was the result: So the auto mode is pretty bad, but if you know how to use a camera I guess the pictures do turn out well. :) ill continue to play around with the camera, but im still not that happy with the sharpness of the pictures...
It was noisy because it was on 800 ISO.
I wouldn't use a camera that is so bad in such a reasonable ISO.
I personally would want a camera that will produce good pictures in no less then 1600 ISO.
This Fuji seams like you need to go no higher then 400 ISO and that's very disappointing.

Your call
I think your right but what else could I get for my price range. I still have 2 weeks to return my camera. I would be willing to spend up to $350 on a bridge SLR, I would buy an SLR but the prices are a bit to high. Do you have any recommendations for a camera? I don't need to shoot 1080 videos, but i am looking for something with at least 30x zoom.
Sorry, I really never bothered to research bridge cameras too deeply,
But for 350$ you can get VERY good bridge camera, you really need to look for a camera that knows to produce good pictures in high ISO which means little to no noise in low light situations.

From a quick look I found this camera which looks like a good candidate for you "SONY DSC-HX200VB"
Here in Canada it goes for 350$ but it is definitely not the only good camera with super zoom.
Look up cameras in your price range and zoom range and then read reviews on youtube or google for reviews and then you can ask the opinion of the good people of this forum, 2 weeks is a lot of time to fine the camera that will suit your needs.

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