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Dec 20, 2005
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Alabama - just moved here from Texas
Here is something for those who are just bored or want to show of their Photoshop skills. I figured I would start with this photo and post one every now and again to give yall something to do. I know that I love playing in Photoshop, so there is bound to be a few of you that are the same.
This is one of my photos pre-edited. I have already posted it edited before, but want to give yall a chance to show off your skills.
All I did to this photo was resize it down and change it to .jpg. I have not sharpened it or anything..leaving that for you to play with. I will take the one I like most and use it for my next avatar with credit to you in my sig line!!
Who is up for the challenge? See if you can correct my badly metered photo and do what you want with it..don't be scared to stray away from the usual turning it to black and white also! LOL

First Challenge Photo:
Ok, re-did the lights for mine;

I think I overdid it a bit hehe.
well mommy..... you know i was gonna go dark right...... its gonna getcha!! :mrgreen:



by the way, i like what you did with the lights archangel, looks heaps good!
This is the first time I ever worked with Photoshop. I did my best but I'm sure it'll get much better. Don't laugh too hard :lol:

By the way, I would really like to know how you did those lights archangle. (or is that a secret)

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