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Jun 1, 2013
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We went to the beach and I was taking pictures with my fairly new (less than 3 months) D7100 . I was using a brand new remote remote control to take pictures while it was on the tripod. There was no mess or sand blowing around or anything that I knew of. Unless some got in the shutter button when I went into the little kiddy dent to switch lenses. Anyway the remote was not working and I started wondering if I bought a remote with a bad battery. I was pressing it over & over trying to get it to work. When it stopped working completely I asked my son to press the shutter. He said it wasn't working so I went to the camera to double check if the remote setting was still turned on.

I noticed the shutter button was pressed down and wouldn't go back up. I turned the camera off and back on. Each time I turned the camera off&on it would take a picture and would have a r with the number 3 that would change to a 2, then switch back to 3 again.
I'm glad we got some good pictures before the camera stopped working. I got a self family portrait on the beach, and some good shots of the beach&sky,and one cool shot of my 22 month old that was by accident. It was funny when we were all smiling for the camera and it fired off a few shots with no one beside it, while on a tripod . This one guy walked past with a puzzled look on his face. It was neat and very helpful using the remote to get myself in pictures with my family, but think it may have screwed up my camera. Or it was just coincidence.
Actually, Im still under costco's 90 day return policy. I can take it back if I wanted to. I didn't plan to because I love the camera . And came here to make sure it wasn't something I did wrong or was easily fixable. I know why they talk about having a back up camera now ! I dont do photography as a business but it sure sucks not getting those maybe near professional pictures of my kids , whenever I want lol . We have a really crappy point&shoot but Im so tempted to go buy something else nice for the time being to finish taking our pictures. I was also going to take my friend's son's 1 year old portraits this month within the next week& a half. Not that its the most important thing but its nice being able to do that. If I cant fix it, I think I will return the camera .
Well, turns out after inspecting it a little while ago in regular daylight, there is sand in the shutter button. When I was taking off the lens to put tje cover on the camera body there were a few grains of sand around the metal rings that connect to the camera too. I thought as long as it wasn't blowing sand it was sage to use my camera at the beach. I kept my hands clean until shortly before it messed up but was using the remote controller 99.9 percent of the time. It was on the tripod and I changed lenses inside a zippered tent. Well looks like you cant be too careful. I thought the camera being as expensive as it was and it being weather proofed, that it wouldn't be so dang sensitive to a few tiny bits of sand , IF that's what caused the shutter to jamm. Now I need to decide on what kind of back up camera to use .

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