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Jun 14, 2013
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Hello all, Im currently in the process of buying a sigma 100-300 EX HSM APO f/4 from a coworker of mine and I have a few questions that he couldn't answer.

How well does the focusing work with sports?

Is 400$ a good price or am i getting ripped off?

Would this be a good alternative/beginner lens for sports photography to the canon 70-200 2.8 considering the vast price difference.

How is the sharpness / color / contrast SOOC

and if anybody has some test shots with this lens that are SOOC please post them!!!
First off--you need to make SURE that it will focus reliably on YOUR camera. Fortunately, you shoot Canon, and my feeling is this lens works better in Canon mount. Me, and other Nikon shooters have found that older examples of this lens often have focusing reliability 'issues'. Serious 'issues'. Like weird and unpredictable back-focusing, and outlandishly weird focus hunting behavior on far too many occasions to make the lens worth bothering with.

I shot mine back in the Nikon D1h days...the days of the mighty 2.7 megapixel DX sensor pro-Nikons!!! I bought it for track and field and baseball. It was not really quite up to the task in anything but good light. Sharpness was good, but not as good as a Nikkor 70-200 VR or any prime. The FL range was nice for baseball. Color was very warm, old-school Sigma yellowish.

If the lens is older and has not been updated it might not focus right for you. But then again, it might be great. A 100-300mm f/4 autofocus lens for $400 is a decent price--as long as it works WELL, and does not have a decentered element or an AF issue.
I have one in a Maxxum/Sony mount, and it is a great lens. Excellent IQ even wide open, which is great when shooting at 300mm under lower lighting.
Resolution is high, contrast is good.
As Darrel mentioned, sometimes older Sigma lenses had manufacturing issues so hopefully you trust your co-worker.
... and $400.00 is a steal for this lens.
I have one for Nikon. I think it's a great lens. I could be wrong, but I thought they made two versions of this lens. Anyway, the one I have focuses great and is extremely sharp. I use it almost exclusively for sports.
Confirm that the lens focuses properly on your camera and grab it quick! That is a great price, about 1/2 of the normal used price. As Derrel mentioned I was one of the others that tried the lens in a Nikon mount, but it didn't work out for me. The AF was crazy and just see sawed like crazy...
thanks for all the answers guys, helped a lot, He's going to let me have a test shoot with it then Ill make my decision based off that.

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