Sigma 50-500mm lens. worth getting?

Is it worth getting?

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Jul 17, 2003
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Gonna be using it on a Canon 10D, do you get problems it being on a digital.

my hubby has a Canon 10D and 2 Sigma lenses (28-135mm & 15-30mm) ... he said, using a 50-500mm lens is questionable because the lens construction for this huge range will affect the image quality for the worst ... depending on what u want to photograph, he suggest to look into maybe two or three different lenses to cover this range. also, keep in mind that the 10D has a zoom factor of x1.6, meaning a 50mm lens will act like a 80mm lens.

.. if ur looking for quality, go with separate lens
Drew, your huppy like his 15-30mm, i have a 28-70mm was happy with it on my eos1, pickup the 10d about 4 weekago, with inside shots the 28-70 (44-112) is a litte long

Dew said:
my hubby has a Canon 10D and 2 Sigma lenses (28-135mm & 15-30mm)
well, my hubby said:

to achieve 28mm on a 10D u need a lens with a focal lenght of 17mm .. on a regular film camera like ur EOS1, the 17mm would be "super wide" on a 10D ... its just a plain old 28mm

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