Sister in the Snow: film rocks


I want MORE!!
May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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shot on Ilford FP4 BW film


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Splendid stuff, Jon. This has got to be my fav from you, thus far.
Beautiful tones, grain and of course, the subject! :)
jon this is one of the best work from u i've ever seen.....these r beautiful man......i jus love them....every thing is jus too good......
i'll ask u more bout them...thx for sharing.....gr8 stuff
Grrreat series, Jon! I especially like the first one...the expression on her face is so cool.
i'm gonna have to agree with everyone else. these are a great set of photos
love these, great shots jon, really good job in capturing them :thumbup: +rep
Wow ! These are really awesome shots Jon. Perfect timing on the clicker and very well balanced on the exposure. Makes me want to bust out the ol' AE-1. Beautiful subject and these really have a wonderful warm feeling to them, even if it's snowing. I hope one of you have at least #1 framed.

Thx for sharing !
thanks all for the wonderful comments; and darin thanks for the nomination :D
hard to believe i just shot these last weekend; was a beautiful snowy day and now we're starting to melt slowly.
thanks again. :D

a very good friend has 'ordered' me to print the first one for my sister...;) you know who u are :lol: :hugs:
These are simply fantastic. The grain, the tones, the expression all work together so nicely. The first and last are my favorites, but these would be wonderful hung together as a series. :thumbsup:

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