Small ballhead for Gitzo G1027 MK II


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Jan 22, 2016
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I recently bought a Gitzo G1027 Mk II and I'm looking for a neat little ballhead for this tripod.
The heaviest setup is a D7100 with a Sigma 18-35 1.8 (approx. 1.5kg/3.3lbs) and I will use no focal length longer than 50mm on this tripod.

I did think about the Gitzo G1178M, mainly, because it's lightweight and, because the quick release plate is fairly small. The mounting point on the D7100 is very close to the back of the camera and I wouldn't like to have the quick release plate stick to my face when looking through the viewfinder.
However, some people report the quick release system to be a "design flaw" as it's difficult to mount the camera, while others seem to be very satisfied with it.

Another option would be a small Sirui ballhead (e.g. K-10/20X, G-10/20X). The downside with these is that they have quite big quick release plates. They are Arca-Swiss compatible, though, but buying a plate specifically made for the D7100 would add another 50 bucks to the pricetag...

Any thoughts? Maybe other options in that price range?
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I have two of this brand this one (the smaller), and a larger one. The smaller is rated at 22lbs but really is 12-14lbs for secure. Excelent ballheads both of them. The larger H3 hold a 7D griipped and a 100-400 canon perfectly. They are smooth and they are cheap. Link to smaller:
3Pod H1 BallHead
Thanks, but unfortunately I live in Germany and those heads are not available over here.

I did buy a used Gitzo GH1780QR instead, which is very lightweight and should do the trick.

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