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Sep 16, 2005
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Hey folks,

I need some advice. I want to buy one of those little point and shoots that have the huge screen on the back that fit nicely into your breast or back pocket.

I don't know anything about basic point and shoots, and I'm looking for advice on which one to buy. I have about $350 I'm willing to spend.

Any and all suggestions and advice would be awesome.

Thanks so much,

Jo Cose
I gotta tell you, I just bought a kodak Z885 a little while back. I have been really happy using this camera.
The reason I bought it was that it sported an 8000 ISO setting. Sounds crazy but I was wanting to shoot some b/w shots with that old grainy look to them. This setting works pretty well!
But aside from that it is pretty small... maybe not breast pocket size but it's definately portable.
Startup time is quick. The video mode is very nice in regards to sound and focus. There are TONS of program modes for new shooters. It has a mode that will stitch panoramic photos for you inside the camera. The images are pretty good as far as noise goes but you only have the option of saving as a jpeg.
The zoom is very decent for a small camera and even the first couple of clicks on the digital zoom are nice.
The screen is a respectable 2.5".

I'd reccomend going into a store somewhere and try it out first... but I am definately happy with it. I keep it with me at all times and it hasn't let me down yet.

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