Some Fav Bugs (pic heavy)


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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I was doing some organizing and making sets so I thought I'd share some of my favs. These are my favourite macro bugs from this summer :)

I love the iridescence in the wings on these ones.
IMG_3188_1-1 by Judi, on Flickr

Woke this little guy up before the sun reached him.
IMG_2912-1 by Judi, on Flickr

This one was tucked in the undergrowth, I like the filtered light.
IMG_0856-1 by Judi, on Flickr

Gotta love a grinning grasshopper!
IMG_0557-1 by Judi, on Flickr

Nice camo colouring with the goldenrod.
IMG_0282_1-1 by Judi, on Flickr

Sometimes I'm just tickled when I see their face, this guy looks so... surprised I can see him? lol
IMG_4840-1 by Judi, on Flickr

Was plesantly surprised that this guy sat still for me!
IMG_9814-1 by Judi, on Flickr
You are a busy lady and thankfully, I/we get to enjoy some of it.

Nice set! 5 & 7 for the win :)
Aw thanks Jaca! I'm kinda all over the place huh? lol As my dear Hubby says, "nothing and nobody is safe with you around", I can't tell you how many "Squirrel!" "Oooooo shiny... (wanders away)" moments I have each and every day, I like your choice of "busy" though, sounds less.....

Thanks John :) Bunnies are good at bug stalking, they don't expect it! lol
Great set! And yup #5 is the one. If a person wanted a giant bug hanging on their wall..... Well I said if.

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